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WP Appen, a WP Tech internal employee management application. Designed for both employees and employers, a platform that allows you to manage your work and employees in one place.

My Contribution

I lead the front-end development, implemented ci/cd, wrote documentation and contributed to the API layer. A decision was made to no longer allow the app to be viewable to the public as it is primarily an internal application.

Time Log Feature

Time log enables the ability to track when field workers check in and out, allowing for accurate salary calculations. It also tracks the location of the employee when they sign in and out. The feature provides the total reported time for the employee, showing how many hours they’ve worked that day and their current session.

Time overview: Groups all of the field workers’ sessions by today, yesterday, this week, this month, and last month. It provides a clear breakdown of how the field worker has worked. Managers can also see the same data on their dashboard.

Notify absence: If a field worker is sick, they can notify their absence through the app. They have an hour to cancel their sick leave if they decide they can work.

Employee Status: If you’re an admin, you can see the employee status, which shows which field workers are checked in, when and where they checked in, and the last time they checked in. This is important for managers to keep track of their staff.

Watch the video below to see the features in action and more.

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Report Availability Feature

An automated system for organizations to gather monthly schedules from their on-hours staff within a few clicks

Report availability: Allows managers to send a monthly schedule to field workers. The schedule starts on the 20th of a given month and ends on the 19th of the next month. Field workers can set their availability for dates outside a 7-day grace period.

Field workers can select their available dates and times. They can also select all dates at once or change their availability for individual dates. If they want to change the time for a date, they can do so by clicking the edit button.

Once a field worker is happy with their schedule, They can then report their availability and all dates without a selected availability will be marked as unavailable. They can always make changes to individual dates, provided it does not fall within the 7-day time grace period.

Challenges: Grouping weeks by swedish standards, the data structure sent from the Lime Api not being ideal for the feature.

Watch the video below to see the features in action and more.

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