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"For 26 years, I could not ‘speak’ and for 26 years I was living in the shadow of my true self”

Most people take their ability to speak for granted. I did not have that luxury. Stuttering destroyed my career aspirations and put a ceiling on my income. I was filled with self-rejection and hopelessness. My outlook on life was desperate; When I compared myself to peers who seemed to have it all, I doubted my ability to become the man I knew I could be. 

It was a constant fight between me, myself, and I.

Stuttering is classed by some as a hidden disability. Most people have no idea what happens in the mind of a person who stutters. It's like an iceberg - you only see the tip but what lies below the surface is where the person really lives. As a stutterer, I always felt like an observer rather than a participant in my own life.

I had lived with a debilitating, stutter for the majority of my life; living a life of continuous resentment, frustration and missed opportunities. I suffered from general anxiety, continuous stress and pressure to perform. I was terrible at communicating my thoughts and feelings with strangers and more importantly, with friends and family.
One night in December 2016, just a few days before Christmas, I talked myself out of suicide and made a decision that I would change my life from that evening onward. It was the start of a journey. The journey of working with and understanding my stuttering. Now, I can use this experience to share my message with the world using the thing I struggled with the most - SPEAKING!

I have always wanted to do what I found most challenging, on every level, which was communicating with strangers, work colleagues, friends and family. I have longed for the ability to have a simple and normal conversation with people and to fully express myself.

I have been trained and mentored by great coaches since beginning this new chapter - Blair Singer, Muna Masooma, Simon BaileyLiza Pavlakos, Mac Attram, to name a few, and I am so happy and grateful for their wisdom. Investing in my own personal development was the greatest decision I ever made and is the reason why I now do what I do. No one is an island. 


I now invite you to give me the gift of allowing me to ‘speak’ on your stage and share my story and message to inspire your audience.


This is my story, this is my purpose. I am transforming perceptions and igniting self-belief.

live programmes

Stop Holding Back brings the very best and most impactful training programmes in the world when it comes to stuttering awareness, which are always high-energy, interactive and educational.


Speaking with the purpose of teaching and inspiring different audiences from across the globe.


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"My mission is to show my audience that no matter what may be in front of us, we are only one decision away from changing our lives, paving a path to our higher purpose"


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