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speaking with purpose

"For 26 years, I could not ‘speak’ and for 26 years I was living in the shadow of my true self”

Most people take their ability to speak for granted. I did not have that luxury. Stuttering destroyed my career aspirations and put a ceiling on my income. I was filled with self-rejection and hopelessness. My outlook on life was desperate; When I compared myself to peers who seemed to have it all, I doubted my ability to become the man I knew I could be. 

It was a constant fight between me, myself, and I.

Stuttering is classed by some as a hidden disability. Most people have no idea what happens in the mind of a person who stutters. It's like an iceberg - you only see the tip but what lies below the surface is where the person really lives. As a stutterer, I always felt like an observer rather than a participant in my own life.

I had lived with a debilitating, stutter for the majority of my life; living a life of continuous resentment, frustration and missed opportunities. I suffered from general anxiety, continuous stress and pressure to perform. I was terrible at communicating my thoughts and feelings with strangers and more importantly, with friends and family.
One night in December 2016, just a few days before Christmas, I talked myself out of suicide and made a decision that I would change my life from that evening onward. It was the start of a journey. The journey of working with and understanding my stuttering. Now, I can use this experience to share my message with the world using the thing I struggled with the most - SPEAKING!

I have always wanted to do what I found most challenging, on every level, which was communicating with strangers, work colleagues, friends and family. I have longed for the ability to have a simple and normal conversation with people and to fully express myself.

I have been trained and mentored by great coaches since beginning this new chapter - Blair Singer, Muna Masooma, Simon BaileyLiza Pavlakos, Mac Attram, to name a few, and I am so happy and grateful for their wisdom. Investing in my own personal development was the greatest decision I ever made and is the reason why I now do what I do. No one is an island. 


This is my story, this is my purpose. I am transforming perceptions and igniting self-belief.


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