video and quote Testimonials from PEOPLE THAT know and HAVE WORKED WITH AYO

Ramesh Summan

Ayo Adesanya is an inspirational figure. In recent times, I have seen a major transformation in his personality and the way he communicates to a given audience. He has great presentation skills, and the way he conveys his message is mindful and motivating.

Ruban Pillai

Ayo is very driven towards building a better life for himself and helping others achieve the same. I can honestly say that he has helped me greatly, and his enthusiasm and charisma is infectious in motivating others to progress if they are ready to take action

Osama Alruwaishid

Ayo is a courageous person who doesn't hold back when others are hesitant. When he sets a goal, he'll make sure it’s done. He’s always willing to help others which says a lot about one's personality.

Simon Bailey

In the relatively short time I have known Ayo, he has always impressed me with work ethic, dynamism and “can do” attitude. He will always put himself out to help people and has developed in a very short time into a great speaker and motivational coach who always leads with the excellent standards he sets himself. He is the king of never holding back.

Chris Jackson

What Ayo has taught me goes far beyond stammering. The time he has so generously spent coaching me has given me the belief and know-how to self-accept and start enjoying life, putting emphasis on doing whatever it is I want to do in life and not holding back. Great speech has been a by-product of completely reshaping my mind-set and living life to the full.

Abed Ahmed

Ayo Adesanya is a very likable, motivational and inspirational public speaker. I have realised a major difference in his persona since he has become a confident speaker.  He is now doing things he would never have done before. He has great skills in presentations and the way he conveys his message is very mindful and motivating to listen to, leaving an everlasting impression to his audience.

Matthew Mukalere

I met Ayo at a networking event, and we've stayed in touch ever since. Ayo is a highly driven and hardworking individual, is relentless in pursuing his goals, and is a true team player. Ayo has a very high level of passion toward his goals; I see this in play with how hard he works on #StopHoldingBack. Overall, I'd say that Ayo is a very caring person, who has a vision that he really wants to make happen, and he's willing to put in the work.

Suzana Kalcic

As a dedicated member of Kings Speakers Toastmaster club, Ayo has demonstrated exceptional public speaking skills. With a powerful stage presence, he captivates his audience by sharing his story with courage, insight and passion and leaves them feeling inspired to take action.

Mikey Cuddihy

Ayo was one of the first people I met at the BSA conference in Cardiff, when he stood behind me in the dinner queue and introduced himself. I had been feeling that the event just wasn’t my thing, and I was on the verge of leaving, but he was the reason I decided to stay. We had a lively exchange; he was so inclusive, drawing others into the conversation at our table, and I quickly felt at home. He was well informed around the subject of speech therapies, and his ambition to help others shone through. Throughout that weekend, he was a charismatic presence; he drew people in, and conversation was always interesting.

Daniel Knopp: Network rail

I met Ayo two years ago when I first started my job on the railway. He was one of the few that showed me around and made the time and effort to explain the different job tasks and opportunities available for me. I’ve seen him grow as a person and become more and more confident each day, to the point he is now setting up his own charity to help others! He is one of the most down to earth guys I’ve met and I’m glad to call him my friend.  Wish him all the best and good luck on your new adventure.

Suzy Baines

I have so much respect for Ayo. As a stutterer myself, it's exciting to see a fellow stutterer doing amazingly well at gaining control over their own stammer and also having such determination to help others to gain control over theirs too. If you are ready to put the work in, Ayo is there to support and guide you 100% of the way. No Holding Back is exactly what the stammering community needs right now! #NoHoldingBack

Harrison Iroegbu

Ayo is an inspiring young man who is truly dedicated to his craft. He turned adversity in his life into something positive and has really helped me change my perspective and realise that there is more to life. I am truly excited to hear that he has taken his skills and talents and put it towards helping others in need. I have no doubt that he will really impact a lot of lives in a positive way.

Chase Gills

When I first joined the stuttering community, Ayo was one of the first people to reach out and lend a hand in any way possible. He quickly got me involved in an amazing WhatsApp group, Facebook group, and continually encourages me on YouTube. Ayo is an amazing, dedicated person in everyday life and in helping people overcome their stutter. Ayo is the real deal; he's been through the thick of it and knows the real problems playing behind stuttering. With his passion for helping others and first-hand experience, Ayo is unstoppable.

Ritesh Pabari

I first met Ayo in 2017 during one of the McGuire programmes. I describe Ayo as optimistic, enthusiastic and excited for self-development. He is dedicated to bringing a positive change in his life and in the life of others through encouraging everyone around him by his positive energies. Little did I know until I read Ayo’s article that he had to go through many adversities, working through them to reach the positive state he is in now. Ayo has developed excellent communication skills, is a motivational speaker, and is not afraid to use his positive words to motivate others.

Alexander Kuzmenko

I met Ayo on a speech improvement program called MgPG. Ayo not only aced the program but also successfully finished the staff training programme and became a certified coach to help people with communication skills and stuttering. Ayo helped me in my recovery from stuttering personally. Ayo taught me two major things about stuttering and a few things about myself along the way. First, Ayo’s “Road to Self-Actualization” movement was a game changer for my speech. Ayo helped me to realize the importance of Assertive Self-Actualization as a Person Who Stutters (PWS). That’s how I was able to accept myself as a PWS. That gave me a base for improvement; I finally understood who I really was and how different it was from what I’ve become. Coming out of the stammering closet and being honest with others and myself is one of the components of the present peace of my mind. Second, Stop Holding Back! It is a cognitive process of identifying one’s psychological and social avoidances and facing them immediately. Most social fears are irrational. Ayo helped me to understand that using SHB approach and techniques. Listen to Ayo carefully and learn something.

Stu Ford

Ayo has a character as big as his physique. The way he has come to terms with his stammering has enabled him to develop into an excellent public speaker. He exudes a relaxed confidence and loves helping others with their own challenges. Say boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say Ayo!

Kulpreet Sangha

Ayo has helped and supported people that many of us don't have time for. Speaking well is already a challenge in today's society; imagine if you had a stutter. He has helped many people overcome this obstacle so they can be confident and achieve their dreams. I feel that alone makes him a superhero!

Safiyya Abdulla (Beethink coaching)

Ayo is an inspiration to be around. He is someone who is constantly trying to improve himself and he is putting the hard work in every day to be a better person. He is an amazing speaker, engaging, passionate and personable. Ayo's story is one of inspiration, determination and success. He is a pillar of the community and I thoroughly recommend him for any public speaking or personal development event. All I would say is if you quote me - please make sure you spell my name correctly.

Neil Bresnan

I met Ayo on a speech programme last year in Bristol. Since then, I've followed his videos on social media. Ayo is one of the most charismatic, energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic persons I've ever met. He has inspired me not to hold back in my speech or my life. Ayo is an inspirational figure who will motivate, empower, and develop others. I'm sure Ayo will become a great coach and mentor.

Anthony Hinchliff

Ayo has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. In just a few months of his mentoring, I have made huge improvements with my speech and can clearly see the path I must follow to finally overcoming stuttering. His passion of helping people is obvious in everything he says and does and I am extremely grateful such a motivating and genuine person is coaching me.

Lesley Brownlow 

I had the pleasure of meeting Ayo at the British Stammering Association Conference in September 2018 and was impressed with his passion and commitment to his project.  Ayo, a lifelong stutterer, believes that having a stammer should not be perceived as a hindrance in life, and does not let it ‘hold him back’.  He is walking evidence of his self-belief.    He believes that with the development of self-awareness and self-belief, anything is possible.  Ayo’s energy, resilience, integrity, communications skills and levels of empathy are commendable.  I would fully support him in his training programmes on personal development, conquering adversity and learning to love yourself.

Marlinda Palmer

In my opinion, you are a very strong and motivated person who is dedicated to overcome his fears and wants to help other people with the same problems. You're not looking at causes in a problem but you’re trying to find the solutions, no matter how dark the world is. In every small thing, you can find a small lightbulb to come up with new ideas. You're an inspiration for many people!

John Good

There are some people that you meet in life that fill you with optimism for the future; they increase your motivation to succeed even when you think it’s maxed. This enables them with the boundless want and need to better themselves and encourage others around them to do the same. These are the qualities that my colleague and close friend Ayo radiates & inspires into others, myself included. You’re a pleasure to be around. All the best for the future mate, and speak soon.  Don’t hold back.

Zain Iqbal

Ayo is a great team leader and a professional individual with a work ethic that is focused and determined in everything he does. He is willing to take his time out and direct others in the right way. A key networker who is always willing to push out of his comfort zones and meet new people and exceed his challenges. He doesn't take or let any barrier be a challenge and faces it in the right way!

Romeo Abawe

Ayo is an inspiration. I have seen his transformation before he did speech therapies, personal development programmes, etc. to what he is now. It is truly remarkable. He is a nice guy who is always there for you. He is passionate and full of energy and I always learn something from him.

Puneet Kumar

I first met Ayo a few months back and found him to be extremely driven, confident and positive. The work he's putting into helping others is inspiring and he is quickly becoming very highly regarded within the stammering community. I highly recommend meeting Ayo if you struggle with your speech or self-confidence as Ayo is a fantastic, inspiring person.

Chris Ambrosia.

This guy never holds back when it comes to the help and guidance he gives to people.

Jordan Halkier

Ayo is a very strong and courageous guy who has learned to embrace his stammer. I admire his determination and bravery for accepting himself for who he is. As a person who stammers myself, he has become a role model in terms of my self-acceptance journey of embracing my stammer. He’s a great guy.

Namanya Catherine aka Richmouthuganda

I want to extend my sincere gratitude for helping me overcome the nightmare of stammering, which almost made me quit my career as a stand-up comedian. I have to admit that I almost went crazy for two months thinking about stammering. When I met you online, you advised me to love myself first, that I should not mind about people seeing me stammer, breathing techniques, etc. I stopped holding back and guess what? I am back on stage doing wonders; nowadays I don't care whether I stammer or not. At times, I forget that I am a stutterer. Thanks so much Ayo; indeed, no holding back. Hugs and kisses from Uganda.

Kwaku Brobbey

People online normally paint a warm, comfortable idea of what success looks like. When I came across Ayo, I instantly knew he was the real deal because he painted a picture of struggle, uneasiness, and failure, and how he proactively overcame adversity. He deals with the real nitty-gritty of life. Comparing him to other people, I get the sense that he has no ulterior motive. He’s not trying to make money; he’s not trying to get publicity; he’s simply a guy that has discovered a solution to a real-life problem and he wants to share it.

Arman Hussain

I am writing this reference with regards to Ayo. I was fortunate enough to meet Ayo at Wimbledon Network Rail S&T depot. Upon meeting Ayo, I instantly recognised what a positive, driven, and committed individual he is to meeting his objectives, whether it may be work based targets or life objectives. He recommended reading certain personal development books that helped influence him and after finishing his selected reads, I too was able to change myself. After meeting Ayo and working with him for two weeks, he helped me integrate well with his team and he always went out of his way to ensure I would fit in with the rest of the team.

Kory Williams (My opinion means nothing podcast)

Ayo motivates me to keep my dreams alive. When I first heard his story, he became somewhat of an enigma to me. Seeing all his personal development and how he’s using his recovery to inspire others is just amazing. He’s a passionate soul and real owl of wisdom, as long as he’s not holding back.

Joseph Gooderham

I have had a professional/development relationship with Mr. Ayo Adesanya for the last 2 years. I met Ayo at an Employment Stammering Meeting to share opinions and experiences for those who stammer in the workplace and to generate ideas of how an employer can assist a stutterer at work and how one can help themselves. In his daily life, Ayo demonstrates a man who has a vision and is on the path to achieving a number of goals. He is an inspiration to many individuals on both pushing his own boundaries/limits and that of the people who seek his help with pushing themselves up the ladder at work and in personal development. Ayo offers a truth and warmth in his communication and has a natural ability to rekindle drive and ambition in people who in trying circumstances need that boost. I highly recommend Ayo as a speaker due to his audience awareness and elegant way of getting his message across. Ayo is an individual whose aim is to make a difference and he is in the process of doing that. If you are looking to book Ayo for an event or offer employment, he would be a credit to your organisation.

Vibesan lllampooranan

The first I saw Ayo speak was at King Speaker Toastmaster Club. He Looked like a very confident guy. He was using speech techniques to speak fluent, which I found amazing. The Next time I saw him at toastmasters, he was doing his icebreaker and he won best speaker of the night. To sum up, he is a very motivated guy and he always achieves his goals.

Rama Silva (Author of rich thinking and dreaming of stuttering freedom)

Ayo is very knowledgeable in the field of personal development. Having met him only in person 4 months ago, I see he has transformed his life from being hopeless to one that is creating hope for others. He is an inspiration to me as a person who is also on the journey to stuttering freedom.

Maria Garcia

I feel proud of saying I am Ayo's friend since I moved to London two years ago. His charming and easy-going personality makes him a person you like to be around and his ambition makes him achieve all his objectives. Therefore I am sure this adventure will bring him everything he expects.

Weston West

"Ayo is an extremely hardworking and driven individual. He is a trustworthy and kind-hearted soul with nothing but good intentions for those around him. He is supportive and motivating by nature. He is someone who pushes himself to be better and inspires others to do the same. I aspire to be like Ayo."

Kenneth Ofosu

I have known Ayo Adesanya for many years now and have witnessed first-hand his past struggles and how far he's come. He has been through a remarkable journey and I am happy that he is using his experience to pass on necessary life skills to those that will surely gain from his knowledge.

Gemma Townley

‘I had the pleasure of meeting Ayo through a children’s charity we’re both a part of that aims to change the lives of children who stammer. After getting to know Ayo, I quickly learnt that he is not only passionate about changing lives across all ages, but he is living proof that ‘not holding back’ can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Most importantly, he motivates and inspires the people around him to be the best they can be.’

Barry Buckwell

I have known Ayo Adesanya for a little over 2 years as a work colleague. In this time, I have seen major improvements in the way he approaches life and the way he deals with situations that may arise. He has a great influence on the team and is very approachable with any issues or problems, work or social. Ayo Adesanya is an inspirational figure. In recent times, I have seen a major transformation in his personality and the way he communicates to a given audience. He has great skills in presentations and the way he conveys his message is very mindful and motivating to listen to.

Louise Price

I have known Ayo just over a year now, and he has become an inspiration to me. He has true passion for what he believes in, and true warmth at the way he approaches people. Ayo has a fantastic attitude towards life, one that I now follow myself. Go get your dream, let nothing stop you.

Puneet Kumar (Owner of Taurus, Leicester)

I first met Ayo a few months back and found him to be extremely driven, confident and positive. The work he's putting into helping others is inspiring and he is quickly becoming very highly regarded within the stammering community. I highly recommend meeting Ayo if you struggle with your speech or self-confidence as Ayo is a fantastic, inspiring person.

Delroy Daphaa

Ayo Adesanya is a man that I have known since 2006. From my perspective, I thought he was a normal, happy go lucky type of guy so I was shocked to find out from his own words how much he was struggling and at the verge of breaking point. As I’ve known him for 12 years, I have seen many different sides to Ayo on a face value social aspect. He has gone through many different fads and thinking back on it now, I think he had gone through many different phases because he was trying to find something that he could identify with and to call his own. Now that Ayo is on the road to recovery (I know, such a cliché), he has found a new plateau and is becoming one with his true self. There is no longer any pretence with this man, no longer the Ayo who is trying to please others or looking for the validation of others before his own validation. Ayo Adesanya is now a new person who has rediscovered himself.


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