Ayo inspires young people, adults and organisations to become more socially aware, better communicators and better relationship managers. Need a transformational speaker who can deliver results?


‘Living the life you have always imagined for yourself’ – That is the fundamental and signature theme that runs through many of my speeches. Empowering people to believe they can overcome any trial or tribulation and succeed when there seems to be no way. Inspiring individuals to look within and use the resources they already have knowingly or unknowingly to bring about meaningful change in their lives.


  • My Story - You are the key to your own better future

  • Working on my speech (WOMS) – A better approach to stuttering

  • The Subconscious Hexagon – Stop Holding Back

  • The Stick man and Perception

  • Custom Speaking Topic

Changing perceptions

An inspiration to those who have faced severe adversity, depression and a sense of hopelessness, to rebel against these feelings, rise from the ashes and find the strength to take the first steps into a new chapter in their lives.

overcoming disability

A fantastic personality with an incredible smile to match, helping people rediscover and embrace their true selves. Inspiring people to live much happier and fulfilling lives with what ever life has given them.

“The no holding back mentality”

With the right mind-set to create positive change with his actions by implementing an attitude of persistence beats resistance. Ayo can stir the audience to believe they can make a definite decision and follow through on any idea they focus on.


In the relatively short time I have known Ayo, he has always impressed me with work ethic, dynamism and “can do” attitude. He will always put himself out to help people and has developed in a very short time into a great speaker and motivational coach who always leads with the excellent standards he sets himself. He is the king of never holding back

Simon Bailey

What Ayo has taught me goes far beyond stammering. The time he has so generously spent coaching me has given me the belief and know-how to self-accept and start enjoying life, putting emphasis on doing whatever it is I want to do in life and not holding back. Great speech has been a by-product of completely reshaping my mind-set and living life to the full.

Chris Jackson

Ayo Adesanya is a very likable, motivational and inspirational public speaker. I have realised a major difference in his persona since he has become a confident speaker.  He is now doing things he would never have done before. He has great skills in presentations and the way he conveys his message is very mindful and motivating to listen to, leaving an everlasting impression to his audience.

Abed Ahmed


"My mission is to show my audience that no matter what may be in front of us, we are only one decision away from changing our lives, paving a path to our higher purpose"


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