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stop holding back is A personal development charity for people who stutter formed by
ayo d adesanya & chris jackson

After becoming a better speaker and helping others do the same, I went into a partnership with a past student, Chris Jackson, CEO of Stephanie Jackson Recruitment, whose life has been totally transformed through the methods and practise of Stop Holding Back principles and applications. We now deliver the same functional speech coaching through a charity helping those who cannot afford traditional or other types of intensive speech therapy programmes, which can cost thousands of pounds.

Stop Holding Back is pioneering one-on-one personal development for people who stutter and is achieving fantastic results with its clients.


Ayo has a character as big as his physique. The way he has come to terms with his stammering has enabled him to develop into an excellent public speaker. He exudes a relaxed confidence and loves helping others with their own challenges. Say boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say Ayo!

Stu Ford

Ayo has helped and supported people that many of us don't have time for. Speaking well is already a challenge in today's society; imagine if you had a stutter. He has helped many people overcome this obstacle so they can be confident and achieve their dreams. I feel that alone makes him a superhero!

Kulpreet Sangha

Ayo is a very strong and courageous guy who has learned to embrace his stammer. I admire his determination and bravery for accepting himself for who he is. As a person who stammers myself, he has become a role model in terms of my self-acceptance journey of embracing my stammer. He’s a great guy.

Jordan Halkier


"My mission is to show my audience that no matter what may be in front of us, we are only one decision away from changing our lives, paving a path to our higher purpose"


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