If you answered yes to any, if not all these questions - I can help you smash through whatever is holding you back right now! No exceptions. 

You think you’re not good enough. You feel like you don’t know where you’re going. You feel like you’re just reacting to life as it happens to you, but have you ever taken the time to be still and look closely at yourself and I mean really closely?


You might be thinking you’ve heard all of this before? but have you from a man who struggled to communicate for most of  his life, who thought he was losing his eye-sight, suffered from severe social anxiety and low self-esteem.


A man who would settle for anything because he didn't feel worthy enough to ASK.


I’ve been where you have been, I’m no different to you. I just made a decision one day and never looked back, and you can too. 

I need to remind you that you already have inside you what you need to succeed in whatever thing you wish to change or begin.


Your past does not have to define your future, and I will help you recognise that. 

Coaching and mentoring are a common denominator when it comes to identifying why some people are happy, emotionally balanced, good relationship managers and are successful personally and professionally.


It’s because they are following a proven and tested blueprint, and model the thoughts and actions that have made their coaches great. 


You can get the same in your life right now if you work with me.


My results coaching sessions deliver all of the above and more, designed to build your self-esteem to its pinnacle - reminding you of just who you are and what you are truly capable of. 


Imagine how different your life would be if you could accomplish what you truly want - in your heart.


if you had the courage to take the actions necessary to build the future you and your family deserve. 


Imagine if you could live right now the good life as you would picture it in your own mind? doesn't that feel good?...


As I coach you, I will walk with you step by step into the life you want. We will eliminate whatever is holding you back from reaching those goals and aspirations. 


You absolutely do not have to wait any longer, so what are you waiting for?  take the first step.


My results coaching program is extremely limited as I can only take on a set number of people at a time. Unfortunately I can't always fit everyone who applies as they are normally almost full all year round. 


So don't wait, book your free 30 min consultation and let's get you what you need. 

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I met Ayo at a networking event, and we've stayed in touch ever since. Ayo is a highly driven and hardworking individual, is relentless in pursuing his goals, and is a true team player. Ayo has a very high level of passion toward his goals; I see this in play with how hard he works on #StopHoldingBack. Overall, I'd say that Ayo is a very caring person, who has a vision that he really wants to make happen, and he's willing to put in the work.

Matthew Mukalere

Ayo is an inspiring young man who is truly dedicated to his craft. He turned adversity in his life into something positive and has really helped me change my perspective and realise that there is more to life. I am truly excited to hear that he has taken his skills and talents and put it towards helping others in need. I have no doubt that he will really impact a lot of lives in a positive way.

Suzana Kalcic

I have so much respect for Ayo. As a stutterer myself, it's exciting to see a fellow stutterer doing amazingly well at gaining control over their own stammer and also having such determination to help others to gain control over theirs too. If you are ready to put the work in, Ayo is there to support and guide you 100% of the way. No Holding Back is exactly what the stammering community needs right now! #NoHoldingBack

Suzy Baines


Ayo Training & Education can deliver training specifically tailored to your organisation’s goals, the challenges you are dealing with, and the professional backgrounds of the personnel we will be addressing.


Have Ayo train you personally or your company.


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