Hello, I’m Ayo.


A Speaker, Life Style Design, Speech Coach and Charity Co-founder of Stop Holding Back, a personal development charity for people who stutter.


My highest purpose and what I enjoy the most is connecting with people encouraging transformational change in their lives. Pulling people out of the fixed mindset we are all too familiar with due to conditioning from our friends, families and the environment we grow up in.


We can often be our own worst enemy, allowing our limited perceptions to cage, restrain and remind us why we cannot, rather than why we can.


When I speak on stage I empower people through my own personal experience and story. That regardless of my disability and the inability to express myself the way I want to, I still have what it takes to live the life I want to live and so do you.


Even in the midst of suffering and self-doubt, there is always another way to think and look at things, transforming our self-images and unlocking the giants within us all.


I wasn’t always the courageous and motivated social entrepreneur I am today. I was once a victim leading a life full of self-doubt, worry and anxiety. As a young child growing up in east London England, stuttering plagued my life developing within me the constant feeling of ‘holding back’, never quite being able to be myself and never quite being good enough in my own mind. This manifested itself into anger, frustration and a troubled upbringing. As a young adult I tried my best to fit in with society, hiding my stutter as much as I could in fear of judgment for the way I spoke rather than what I said. This resulted in a struggle to reach my full potential, a struggle to live the life I had always imagined for myself and a struggle to find my place in the world. Never being able to speak with confidence and self-assurance.


Today I stand as a beacon, a shining representative for those who are going through adversity and are battling to overcome it. I had the guts and the courage to make a definite decision, take action on it and face all obstacles thereafter, developing myself into the man I am today: a passionate, empathic and inspirational speaker who helps others overcome their challenges. My philosophy is founded in the journey to self-actualisation, living an authentic life, regardless of the consequences. It is this theme which runs through all my speeches and training programs that gives me the inspiration to do what I love to do, transforming perceptions and igniting self belief. 

"Self-actualisation is the only destination."

Being authentic and learning to love yourself

Being yourself in today’s world can be an almost impossible job. Living up to other people’s ideas and expectations of you can almost lead to you to living a double life, having to wear a different mask depending on your situation. My speeches have a strong theme of the idea that we make choices every day and we can choose to do something differently if we really desire to. The only thing that moves us is our own mind and once we get to know, rediscover and then fall in love with our true selves, new doors of opportunity will undoubtedly open up for us. It is at that point we can start to live our best lives, in the present and going forward with absolutely no holding back.

Changing minds from a place of love and care

When I speak I come from a place of empathy, love and care. Being able to tap into someone’s being, heart and gut is where any long-lasting and positive change can and will take place. Stimulating and nurturing a mind-set of ‘I can’ rather than ‘I cannot’, I use stories to deliver my points, and to develop a positive relationship with the audience. When speaking, I aim to connect with people and ensure they get the best out my talks. Allowing myself to be vulnerable, speaking from a clear and genuine place.


 the power of self-acceptance 

Self-acceptance is the first step in entering a new and more productive chapter in your life, forgiving your past, and letting go of all the bad within it, piece by piece. This primary step is often the hardest but can be one of the most rewarding. I love and enjoy talking to people about my own self-acceptance journey. Carl Jug famously said "what you resist, persists" as everything we go through in life is designed to teach us lessons and If we fail to learn, we often repeat them. We have the choice and ability to become more self-conscious individuals, choosing to respond to our life experiences in a way that propels us into more prosperous lives. 

How I do anything is how I do everything

This is a life philosophy I live by and is something I think about often. Adopting this attitude, a way of doing things and a character that stays true regardless of circumstances, is what will separate you from the crowd, draw people to you, and hold your integrity. Authenticity and consistency in your actions is what makes you organised, reliable and trustworthy. If you want others to perceive you as a happy and fun individual, you must first become genuinely happy and fun. If you want to inspire others around you to bring about change in them, you must first inspire and bring about change in yourself. If you want to be a confident and strong leader in your organisation, you must first become the leader of your yourself. The challenge has been set.


Do not react, respond.

—  Name, Title


Ayo Adesanya is an inspirational figure. In recent times, I have seen a major transformation in his personality and the way he communicates to a given audience. He has great presentation skills, and the way he conveys his message is mindful and motivating.

Ramesh SumMan

Ayo is very driven towards building a better life for himself and helping others achieve the same. I can honestly say that he has helped me greatly, and his enthusiasm and charisma is infectious in motivating others to progress if they are ready to take action.

Ruban Pillai

Ayo is a courageous person who doesn't hold back when others are hesitant. When he sets a goal, he'll make sure it’s done. He’s always willing to help others which says a lot about one's personality.

Osama Alruwaishid

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